Tuesday, March 31, 2020

2000-01 Fleer Game Time

With the abrupt end to the NBA season, it appears that Vince Carter may have played his last game. Nearly two decades ago, he was on the cover of packs of cards like these.

14 - Patrick Ewing - Yes, Patrick Ewing really played for the Sonics. I (almost) have proof here.

7 - Karl Malone - This is a small set, so there's a lot of stars.

18 - Jason Kidd - A star.

44 - Anfernee Hardaway - Penny never lived up to his potential, mostly due to injuries. But he was certainly a huge star for a time.

The stats on the back are... not presented all that well. Oh well.

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Fuji said...

Loaded with hall of famers. I loved Penny! I even had his shoes. It was fun watching him play with Shaq back in the early years.