Sunday, October 18, 2020

2020 Topps Attax Week 7 Booster Pack

 As an add-on to a recent purchase I picked up a Week 7 Topps Attax booster "pack".  I only picked it up because it had one of favorite current Brewers in it.  The pack came packaged in a small crystal slip case and is not an actual pack.  But I know we use that term loosely here sometimes.  If you want to listen to me ramble about it you can watch me open that pack and my latest 2020 Topps Living purchase  HERE

2020 Topps Attax is an online exclusive.  You can pick up the base starter set that comes with 30 cards for $20 on  The set has 3 subsets: Big Leaguers, Impact Players, and Superstars.  The weekly booster packs contain 5 cards with 2 Big Leaguers, 2 Impact Players, and 1 Superstar.

Here's what you get in the Week 7 booster:

First up we have the whole reason I bought the set, Brandon Woodruff.

There are two types of backs corresponding to the league, blue for the National League and red for the American League, at least I think that's how it works.

Next up Chris Taylor for the World Series bound Dodgers.
DJ Stewart
Shane "What the hell is a" Bieber
And lastly former Tampa Bay Ray Wil Myers, ahem spelled incorrectly on the card.

The cards are super glossy, which I know doesn't come across in the scans, but that also makes them super slippery.  A nice oddball and for a $5 bill not a bad pick up depending on the week.  There are suppose to be 20 total booster packs in the works and currently Topps is up to Week 11 on the website.  

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