Saturday, June 11, 2022

1991 Topps Beverly Hills 90210

Here is a pack of 1991 Topps Beverly Hills 90210 cards. The set contains 88 cards (divided into three subsets) and 11 stickers. The cello wrapper is deceptively larger than the cards inside. The actual cards are standard 2x3. Each card features a black and orange border. Inside the border, a green wavy line (ocean waves, perhaps?) appear down either the left, right, or bottom (depending on image and card orientation). There is a round white "90210" logo/cancellation stamp image on each front as well. The bulk of each card is taken p by a still from the show, a posed image, or another related photo.

The original cast, started in 1990, already shows signs of infighting. Look at some of the faces on this card and you'll recognize the beginnings of cast attitudes toward each other. In hindsight, it's no wo surprise that Shannon Daugherty's character is the one on the surf board at the top of the food chain...

Here is another group shot. Again, the faces tell of things to come between cast members...

Each pack features a sticker:

The card backs feature 90's-clad pinks and aquas with the cast serving as a watermark background. The card number appears at the bottom along with copyright info. In the center of each back, trivia from the show (with answers on the another card) along with the answer to another card's question:

You can find a checklist here:

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Fuji said...

I was in college when this show came out. My friends and I were hooked from the beginning and watched it religiously for the first three or four seasons. We actually related to specific characters, but since none of us were rich... we compared ourselves to their personalities.

I actually opened a box of this stuff back in the day. Those cards are long gone, but I think I picked up the sticker set in a Craigslist collection a decade ago.