Tuesday, June 07, 2022

1992 Comic Images Olivia (Series I)

Here is a pack of 1992 Comic Images Olivia (Series I). There are 90 cards in the set, including a checklist. There are 6 chase "prism" cards as well. Each card features the artwork of Olivia De Berardinis. They are the standard 2x3-inch trading card size.

I debated posting these, considering their adult nature. But, I censored them, they are "art" cards, and, well, our mission is to open at least one of EVERY pack of cards ever made, so... I opted to post them. 

Each card features a borderless image. As mentioned, the subject matter comes from the collection of Olivia. I present the cards on their own without further commentary:

The card backs have a grey border surrounding a pink background. "OLIVIA" is printed in all-caps at the top along with the text "Collector Cards" and "Comic Images." On one side of the back is a line art drawing. On the other side, the card number, image title, and information about the original piece. At the bottom, copyright information:

Set Checklist:


John Bateman said...

I vaguely remember these - I might have even pick up one card just to have - not sure if you can do a set like this today.

Jeremy said...

Those are nice.