Tuesday, October 13, 2009

1995 Donruss Series 1

50 cents for a pack of full-bleed mid-'90s Donruss? Sounds like a deal to me.

1 - David Justice (A mid-'90s star. He gets card #1.)

202 - Pedro Martinez (Perhaps slightly less famous than the Pedro who is still alive and kicking today.)

197 - Woody Williams (Ex-Cardinal and overall sort of goofy guy.)

40 - Darrin Fletcher

176 - Terry Shumpert (Someone in an earlier post here made a comment about how the cards looked weird because they should have had the player names on the front. I should take this time to mention that the player names were on the front, and that my scanner doesn't really like foil all that much. Sorry about that.)

170 - John Hudek Rated Rookie

160 - Brent Butler Checklist

79 - Mark Whiten (Hard Hittin'!)

65 - Todd Hundley

88 - Rich Becker Rated Rookie

114 - Alex Rodriguez Rated Rookie (Occasionally Donruss gets one right.)

83 - Cal Ripken, Jr. (I was never a Ripken fan. I think I just had something against any SS that took attention away from Ozzie Smith. Note McGwire lurking in the background there...)

92 - Dennis Martinez (aka El Presidente)

105 - Danny Jackson

222 - Matt Whiteside

27 - Charles Johnson Rated Rookie (Johnson was a bit of a star at one point. That seems so strange.)

176 - Terry Shumpert (Again? This violates everything you could screw up in a pack short of damaged or missing cards.)

319 - John Patterson


RWH said...

How did they get away with charging 2.50 a pack for this stuff.

The Baseball Card Snob said...

One of my favorite Donruss sets. Even though it kind of steals the 63/83 Topps design. Loved the backs with the large logo and picture.

Ah, memories.