Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2004 MLB Showdown

Topps Attax wasn't the first (nor will it be the last) attempt to pull off an MLB-themed trading card game. MLB Showdown, made by top TCG maker Wizards of the Coast, had a short run in the middle part of this decade and its packs occasionally find their way into tempting repack boxes in a store near you.

079 - Carlos Lee

230 - Hideki Matsui (I'm glad to see Matsui is finally getting a good shot at postseason glory. He came in to the league after the Yankees big run had washed out.)

170 - Desi Relaford

052 - Trot Nixon (Nothing says 2004 like Trot Nixon.)

182 - Fred McGriff

053 - David Ortiz

125 - Wilfredo Ledezma

164 - Raul Ibanez (Ibanez also has a good shot at some postseason glory of his own.)

S24 - Caught Him Leaning Strategy (Each pack has 3 "strategy" cards in addition to the cards from the main set.)

S36 - Locked In Strategy

S38 - Paint the Corner Strategy

- Checklist 7/7


Matt Runyon said...

looks like fun

jdubbs10 said...

do you still have the nixon card? I am in need of it. thanks