Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2009-2010 Upper Deck Victory Hockey

This set is great for the new hockey fans or fans that are getting back into hockey who aren't too concerned about pulling relics/autographs. It goes for about $1 a pack.

#61 Marty Turco

Here's the back side.

And the best part is that they give us a pronunciation guide!

#186 Kevin Bieksa [KEH-vihn BEEKS-ah]

#137 Filip Kuba [FIHL-ihp KOO-bah]

#164 Ryane Clowe [RIGH-uhn KLOH]

#248 Matt Hendricks [MAT HEHN-drihks]

#82 Dustin Penner [DUHS-tihn PEH-nuhr]

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kevincrumbs said...

The pronunciation guide on hockey cards is the most boring, overdone thing. I get it, our sport has guys with CRAZY French names and IMPOSSIBLE TO READ European names.

The card companies need to get over this stuff because it's not cute, interesting or cool anymore.