Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2008-09 Upper Deck First Edition Basketball

It's opening night for the NBA tonight. 4 games on the schedule, including one featuring my Blazers against the Yao-less Houston Rockets. This pack cost me 50 cents at a card show. Enjoy!

51 - Richard Hamilton (I hear Rip even sleeps with that thing on his face.)

67 - Danny Granger

91 - Kwame Brown (Man, at least Sam Bowie could play.)

245 - Mario Chalmers (The NBA rookie card logo is really ugly.)

202 - Bob Cousy UD Legends

67 - Danny Granger Gold (Hey, it's him again. I guess this one is "gold"?)

SQ-5 - Kobe Bryant Starquest (Probably my least favorite professional athlete.)

143 - Louis Williams

174 - Chris Wilcox (Bring back the Sonics!)

154 - Brandon Roy (There we go... something to balance out the Kobe ugliness.)

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