Thursday, August 18, 2011

1998-99 Upper Deck UD3 Hockey

Found this at card shop in Austin. 3 cards per pack and still has $3.99 price tag. According DaCardWorld this set has lots of subsets and parallels. Sounds like near impossible set to complete. It comes with two pieces of cardboard. Must be that important.

FX44/Set 104/Subset TS44 - Zigmund Palffy - even numbering of the cards looks confusing as Upper Deck printed three. This card is Three Star Spotlight Light F/X set (1:3). The scan doesn't do justice as it black out the shiny holographic stuff on the right.

E29/Set 29/Subset NE29 - Jan Bulis - New Era Embrossed card (1:1). Played 8 NHL seasons his last with Vancouver Canucks in 2006-07. Playing in KHL.

R29/Set 59/Subset TS29 - Joe Sakic - Three Star Spotlight Rainbow (1:1.6). A star player played his career with Quebec/Colorado organization.

Let's see. Multiple subsets, lots of shiny, good photography and design. This set will take you a while to complete.

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Brad said...

Pricey pack for three cards!