Sunday, August 14, 2011

2011 Topps Series 2 Baseball Topps Throwback Blaster Pack

Had to take a break from the Series 2 pack posting world tour, but I'm back, baby! Let's see if we can finish these up before Update comes out.

In typical blaster fashion, we're looking for 8 cards, and the wrapper doesn't tell you which packs are the exclusive parallels.

#443 - Brian Roberts - That is one dirty uniform. Why is it that all the game-used stuff is so clean? Do they clean them all before selling them to Topps and them?

#455 - Logan Morrison - #FreeLoMo, or something like that.

#464 - Daniel Bard - Here's the back of the Throwbacks. You're all familar with how Target do, yo. Thicker stock, lack of high gloss, recycled Trader Joe's grocery bag back.

#404 - Chris Capuano - And to point out again, the old school Topps logo on the front. Series 2 doesn't always have the best photography, but this at least feels like a unique angle for your standard pitching shot.

#618 - Josh Lueke - Diamond Anniversary - I've said enough about how inserts shouldn't be in parallel packs, so I'll only mention it passive aggressively this time. Pouty here agrees.

#434 - Mark DeRosa - I was shocked and saddened when DeRosa was sent away from the Cubs. I'm glad we did in retrospect based on his performance since, but I think he can still be considered a fan favorite here.

#332 - Melky Cabrera - Is this guy a fan favorite in KC? Looks like a posed shot of watching a pop fly to me. Also looks like he's using Alcides Escobar's bat.

#416 - Everth Cabrera - Don't worry, the other Cabrera in the pack has a different bat for you to use. Don't you just love when they give cards to the bat boys?

So, which parallel do you guys like more? I personally prefer the black background since they're more recognizable. Although the card stock on these is better.... Thoughts?


madding said...

I'm fairly convinced I would be a Topps base set collector if these were the base set. They are so much better. I could easily do w/o the Wal-Mart ones, though.

The Baseball Card Snob said...

Why is Melky swinging the bat in the stands?

Hackenbush said...

I agree with you about DeRosa. At least we got Reed Johnson back. I hope they keep him around this time.