Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2011 Topps Series 2 Baseball Retail (Target)

After a few days off from the site, I'm back with the first of my last two series 2 packs. 2012 is all the rage (take that however literal you want), but there's still some APTBNL work to be done. I don't see anyone else stepping up to rip open these packs on here for the cause.

Just like last year, and in series 1, the Target retail loose packs have special exclusive inserts. Since this is Target and their logo is red, they have red colored diamond thingies. It all ties together. Corporate synergy and the like and what have you.

#473 - Chad Billingsley - I don't really have much to say about this card. I'm sure one of the 30 Dodger bloggers might.

#544 - Justin Masterson - Read the back of that card and you'll see what I hate about stats. There is someone keeping track of every little stupid thing that will never matter or help anyone make any sort of decisions. "Longest scoreless streak against the team they played for the previous while closing one eye and humming RoW, Row, Row Your Boat backwards - since 1932." Fer cryin'....

#484 - Gerardo Parra - Do people that hate the Josh Hamilton mid-catch card only half-hate this side view? I mean his face is obstructed and you can still see the back of the jersey.

#517 - Fred Lewis - I feel like this was in a previous pack I've featured, but I'm far too lazy to look it up. Maybe the guy who looked up the Masterson stat can research it for me. I'll go with whatever Fred says. You don't mess with a guy with two bats.

#447 - Toronto Blue Jays - Will someone PLEASE high five Bautista!?!?!

#398 - Pittsburgh Pirates - McCutchen has the right idea. Force yourself into the high five.

#RDT20 - Sandy Koufax - Red Diamond - This is the non-die cut version of the die cuts. Sorry 30 Dodger bloggers, I no longer have this card.

#KC-82 - Mike Schmidt - Kimball Champions - Schmidty! Mini! A mini schmidty. A smidge of Schmidt. A micro Mike. I thought I had another one in me, but I'm at a loss.

#60YOT-97 - Paul Molitor - 60 Years of Topps - Of all the years to get of this out of control beast of an insert set. At least it's a good, respectable player.

#483 - Justin Smoak - Enlighten me, followers, isn't this kid a Rookie this year? Did he have his RC logo card in series 1? And if so, why is he here, too?

#546 - Pat Burrell - Pretty cool shot (unless you're one of the 30 Dodger bloggers).

#607 - Daniel Murphy - Okay Mets fans, who do you like more? Ike Davis or Daniel Murphy? Based on the direction the ump is running, I'll guess Daniel did something good here.

Well, that's the Target pack. That leaves just one more to go from me. If you have been paying attention, you could probably guess what it is, but for those that weren't I'll just tell you. It's the blaster patch! I saved the best (and easiest) for last. Stay tuned!


Anthony Hughes said...

Koufax, Schmidt and Molitor in a single pack? Nice!

The Baseball Card Snob said...

The Parra card was a 2010 Upper Deck reject.