Saturday, August 13, 2011

2008 Topps Trading Card History Hobby Starter Pack

While poking around eBay a while ago, I came across a hobby box of 2008 Topps Trading Card History HOBBY cards.  The box said something like, "Start your collection with this set of cards."  Sounds cool, right?  Wrong.  the ENTIRE box is full of packs containing card numbers TCH26-TCH30. So, shoot me an email and I'll send you a free pack if you want one. Really. Just ask!

The first card (TCH26) is Ryan Howard of the Phillies.  In fact, you will see a couple of Phillies here. In any case, Howard appears on a 1982 Topps card.  the back of the cards tell you what style is on the front and then some info about the player.  Frankly, for this set, I would have rather seen a HISTORY of the card portrayed. DUH!

Next up, TCH27 is a 1909 T204 Ramly of David Wright (Mets).

The third card is a 1959 Topps of Chin-Lung Hu (TCH28).  I have no idea who he is. Then again, I don't really follow the boys in blue - Dodgers or Mets.

Jimmy Rollins (TCH29) grows out of the grass on a T-205 style card.  I looked up some real T205's and they do, indeed, have that weird grass-thing going on there. That's just scary, man.

Last in the pack (TCH30) is none other than Ken Griffey Jr. He's wearing the 1966 Topps card style with the lime-green bottom border and matching corner piece. Yeah, this is ugly. At least the end of his bat is approved for family viewing.

I'm sure this was a great idea cooked up by someone at Topps - create a box of cards to send to card shops in order to entice collectors to buy into the "History" set.  It would have been nice for the box to read, "Each pack contains the exact same five cards."  On the upside, now anyone can have pack.  As I said, ask and ye shall receive (be sure to email me your mailing address).  Good while supplies last.

UPDATE: You can email me here: or


Potch said...

Thank you. I'd love one. I'll send the e-mail now and I'll keep an eye on something to send your way.

Justin G. said...

If I remember correctly they were given away for free at the shops if you bought some Topps products. After the starter set I believe they added a new card every week.

BA Benny said...

I believe they were released in 3 different portions. 1-25 was series one insert in 2008, 26-50 was hobby shop give away at one per week after the starter pack and 51- 75 were series two.

Dawgbones said...

Love to have one, being the consumate Phillies Phan that I am. email shortly...

madding said...

Ryan Howard looks great on the 1982 design. 2031 Topps Heritage is going to be awesome.