Sunday, March 08, 2015

2002 Topps Football


Hope everyone had a fun weekend.  Time to get another pack out of the scan folder.  Not many of them left...guess that means it's time to get off my rear end and get more scans in.  It's a pack of 2002 Topps Football!

There were 385 cards in the set, with cards 311 to 385 reserved for rookies.  You could find Jeremy Shockey, Ed Reed, and Julius Peppers RCs in this set.  Let's see what I got: 

#88 – Mike Alstott
#124 – Larry Parker
#74 – Zach Thomas
#98 – Dorsey Levens

Perhaps the first thing you'll notice is that the pictures don't match the list.  Sorry, I misplaced them on the scanner, but yes, Mike "you're in good hands with" Alstott was the first card in the pack. 

#101 – Kordell Stewart
#126 – Troy Hambrick
#160 – Brandon Stokley

Or perhaps the first thing you'll notice is that there's a whole lotta green in this set.  Maybe the designers were mirroring the 2001 Topps baseball set, with it's green borders.

#186 – Elvis Joseph
#155 – Curtis Martin
#148 – Steve McNair

Or perhaps the first thing you'll notice is that very large green football that protrudes into the picture.  Maybe the designers of the 2012 Topps baseball used this set as inspiration for the "surfboard set".


#150 – Kendrell Bell
#137 – Kevan Barlow
#164 – Tim Brown

In any event, you noticed that this was a pretty ho-hum pack.  No inserts or big time players in this one.  Here are some backs for you:

Well, the backs aren't too bad.

Anyway, that's the pack.  More later...thanks for reading!


Todd Uncommon said...

Wow. This brings back some crazy fantasy football memories.

Also hard to believe that Steve McNair's been dead for over five years already. Forgot about that.

madding said...

Crazy design! Sometimes it feels like Topps was trying harder with their designs with other sports than baseball, when they weren't just using the baseball design that is.