Tuesday, March 03, 2015

2014-15 Panini Donruss Basketball

I'm not a big basketball guy, but I figure I'd pick a couple packs up on my latest trip to my LCS to get my appetite ready for Heritage later this week and of course Donruss Baseball later this month.

The only name I recognized out of the base cards was this guy.

I also got a Court Kings insert.  Very good looking insert and it had a matte finish that kind of shows up in the scan.

 I also got an Elite insert.  Hey I actually know who this is.

 Of course the biggest surprise was that I didn't get one of those famous Donruss/Panini blanks, nope it was an honest to goodness relic card.  Not only that, but a pretty big name.


Billy Kingsley said...

I love this set. I will be doing a hobby box, which is rare for me these days. It'll mark the first time since 2005-06 that I got more than one hobby box in a season.

cynicalbuddha said...

Save your wrappers Billy.


Todd Uncommon said...

Nice Kobe relic. Once upon a time, that might have been a house payment right there. I suspect it's now more like a flat white at Starbucks level.

madding said...

I think a Kobe relic will probably at least upgrade you to the Starbucks Reserve line.

I really want to like this set because I really liked the 2010-11 Donruss NBA set, but I'm guessing this is more like the 2014 baseball set (only with logos), which needs to die in a fire.