Monday, March 23, 2015

2015 Donruss Baseball

Finally got my first taste of this year's Donruss baseball.  Picked a few packs up from Don's here in Anchorage.

This year's design is a hybrid of 87 and 85.  Panini already used the 87 baseball bar last year, but this year moved it vertical and added those horizontal lines similar to the 1985 release. And this design was already used for it's Donruss Basketball release. I guess we can assume if they decide to put out a Donruss Football it'll used the same design except with little footballs in the bars.

Lets see what I got.
From the 3 packs that I opened it appears you get 3 inserts,SP's, or parallels per pack.
First up we have a Rated Rookie.

The one problem I have is it looks like the players are playing for teams based on color.  Like Ichiro here now with the Marlins playing for the Black team

Patrick here is on the Red team

We get a Black Team Hall of Famer Frank Robinson

All on the Black team is the Panda.
Man there are a lot of Black team cards in this pack.  Rounding out the base cards is Danny Santana.

All funning aside about the base cards, I do like that Panini has been bring back old Donruss brands as insert sets.  Here he have Buster Posey's Donruss Preferred insert card.

I also lucked out and pulled an auto.  These scan terribly and you might be able to make out the name Matt Barnes on the card.  He too plays of the Black team, I mean Red Sox.

Over all a fun pack to break.  I really like the brand and it goes with out saying these cards would be so much better if Panini didn't have to alter colors and airbrush out logos.

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Cardspotter said...

Nice packs! Is that Barnes FT?