Saturday, March 21, 2015

2010-11 Panini Playoff Contenders

Let's get back to the scan folder, as I have a lot more packs to scan. I really should just take a month and hijack this blog to clean the thing out. Anyway, there is less than a month remaining in the NHL season as teams jockey for playoff position. Here's an old pack that I think I pulled from a hockey repack box.

Tough wrapper to read, at least from the scan. This is a set that doesn't change too much from year to year, at least with the "idea" of the design. I actually like this set a lot and need to decide what year I am putting together. In fact, I have last year's pack scanned - we'll post that tomorrow. But back to the wrapper - Ovechkin on the cover. Washington needs to get rid of this crappy Reebok template and get a better design. It's a mess. Five cards to show - let's get to it.

I really like the whole ticket design. Yeah, it takes up a lot of real estate on the card, but it's a fun look. Having the player cross in front of the stub is a great feature. Hate the BFBS sweater on Stamkos.

Still shocked the Pens dropped this throwback, though what they brought in it's place is pretty sweet. Though, why they keep avoiding the fat penguin is beyond me. Johnson retired the following season of this card.

I'm sure plenty of Devils fans hate this card, and rightfully so. Kovalchuk is still having some good seasons in the KHL after "retiring" at the rope old age of 30. And not to beat a dead horse, but tell me which looks better - this sweater or this one.

Insert alert. Decent design, but who in the hell is John-Michael Liles and what makes you think he can win the Norris? Guess you gotta fill the sub set with someone, huh?

Lastly is this Kopitar. If I had any complaint about the design, it's the conference logo. But I guess a logo is better than a word mark.

Image reused (of course). Zero stats!!! You get the personal numbers of the player, and a shot bio. But not a goal or assist to be found. Not sure how I feel about that.

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