Wednesday, March 11, 2015

2015 Topps Heritage Baseball

 I ended up picking up a four packs of Heritage at Bosco's trade night a couple weeks ago.  I was hoping I'd get something out of one of those packs to really show off here, but I really didn't get squat.  So I'll show off the pack that had my current favorite Brewer right on top.  I doubt this will be my last Heritage purchase, but I'm not going to be buying boxes of this at almost $70 a pop for one hit that will be most likely a plain swatch relic.  Anywho I'm not here to rant I'm here to show off some of this year's Heritage cards.

 With Rickie Weeks gone from the team Scooter might get full time duty if he can improve his hitting ability against left handed pitchers.

My one insert was a Then and Now featuring a couple decent Dodgers pitchers.  I do think it might be time for Topps to find a new image to use for Sandy though.

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Todd Uncommon said...

At least the picture of Koufax seems to be original, and not like one that's been recycled roughly 3,082 times on various cards sets over the years.