Tuesday, March 10, 2015

2014-15 Upper Deck Black Diamond

Diving back into the scan folder, with the selection courtesy of Random.org, and today let's have a look at the current season's release of Upper Deck's Black Diamond line.

Hobby pack. Carey Price the cover boy this year. Man, that pack scanned like hell. Far too much color on the foil that it didn't reflect well. Anyway, we get 6 cards in a pack.

If you have any experience with Black Diamond, you are not seeing much of a change from previous years. The design morphs, but the basic idea is there from year to year. It's always impossible to read the players names. You have to tilt them in the light to get a good look. Same cross hashing in the background. The player is the focus, but this is a set that needs to retire, in my opinion. This is a single diamond card of Mike Richards.

Old time hockey! That is Bill Barber, though you will have to take my word for it. If you can make it out, you can see, on the left side, this is a single diamond - the basest of the base.

Rookie gem of Vincent Trocheck. This is a triple diamond card (again - trust me). The pips are just below the Reebok work mark on his pants. Speaking of pants - would the Flyers please do a Cooperalls throwback? That would frigging rock! Do it in a game against the Hurricanes in Hartford Cooperalls throwbacks. AS THE WINTER CLASSIC!!!!! (If the NHL steals that idea, you are my witnesses I came up with it first.)

Oliver Ekman-Larrson. Fit that on the back of a sweater. Single diamond.

Single diamond of Tyler Johnson from the Lightning. Here's the back.

Recycled image. I think you get 5 lines of stats and then a career summary, if you have more years in the league. They even tell you on the back how many diamonds you got. That's 5 cards. Yes, I pulled a hit for #6.

And anyone who sees when I get a hockey hit should not be surprised I pulled a Red Wing. Like David Ortiz is my most common hit in baseball, I pull a ton of Kronwells. The huge logo.... I kind of like it. It's a change of pace as a background to the player image.


Captain Canuck said...

as amazing as that would be, Cooperalls are still baneed from pro hockey for safety issues.

no throwback for you.

maybe everyone could use wooden sticks?

shoeboxlegends said...

Oh man that would be one killer Winter Classic. I totally agree with you that Black Diamond needs to go away at this point. Possibly my least favorite hockey set year in and year out...