Tuesday, May 30, 2017

1995 Fleer Ultra ReBoot

Another pack from the Dollar Tree feeder. The card gods gave me a pack of Fleer Ultra ReBoot from 1995. Well, they didn't give it to me. I had to buy it. Darn card gods. Especially since I gave them a burnt offering of 1989 Donruss. The local fire department wasn't too keen on it either.

ReBoot was a cartoon from Canada.  Good guys try to keep the Mainframe computer safe from bad guys.  Pretty sleek for 1994.

I watched in the late 90s with my son.

Below is Dot Matrix.  A good guy.  Or gal.  Gal.  With greenish hued skin.

Megabyte.  A bad guy.

Hexidecimal.  Another bad guy.  Or gal.

Matrix.  Enzo Matrix.  Dot's brother.  A good guy.  Or guy who dresses like a gal.
More Megabyte.  More badness.

Even more Megabyte.
I think that the premise and characters did a lot to confuse my son.  The cards confuse me.  I get that Fleer Ultra was hip in the mid 90s.  But to sell out for a lousy kids show tie-in?  They just lost their cool status.

For more on the show, visit the Wikipedia entry.  For more cards in this product, visit COMC.

If you'd like some sort of digital sorbet to cleanse your mind, visit this relaxing video.

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