Sunday, November 19, 2017

1995 Edge Judge Dredd The Epics Cards

This is a follow on post to the previous Judge Dredd The Movie Collector's Card post.  This 90-card set features artwork only and Edge must have considered my feedback since I was disappointed that The Movie card set didn't have any writing or descriptions on the back....this set does which adds some nice little trivia to the cards.  There are also some special cards we need to chase here.....EdgeTech Dark Judges 1:19 packs, Movie Preview 1:15 packs, Black Death 1:350 packs, Legends 1:10 packs and Sleep of the Just 1:4 packs.  The Black Death cards fetch a pretty penny on eBay.  Anyway, let's bust into this pack and let the judging begin....

It makes me want to go read the comic books now.  Anyone ever read them?

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