Tuesday, November 07, 2017

1995 Edge Judge Dredd The Movie Collector's Cards

Judge Dredd was a pretty decent movie....by my standards of action movies that came out in 1995.  Sylvester Stallone was at his prime and his role in a comic-book-turned-movie was only natural.  I bought some of these Dredd cards off eBay and am pleasantly surprised by this pack.  I'm not usually a fan of cards that feature still frames from the actual movie, but this one does an okay job.  I am actually more excited about the art cards though.  The drawings are pretty cool and really look good on these cards.  My only complaint is the backs of the cards contain only pictures that when put together form a larger picture like a poster.  I wish they actually contained some words about the scene that was on the front, or some background on what the artwork depicted.  Oh well...

There are 82 cards in this set with 8 cards per pack.  Let's get this judgement party started.....

Card #36 - Mean Machine....a pretty badass baddie.

Card #51 - Isla Hayden....played by Joan Chen who surprisingly has a Bacon number of 2 according to The Oracle of Bacon (Joan and Robert Marshall starred together in Heaven and Earth.....Robert Marshall and Kevin Bacon starred together in JFK)

 Card #35 - Dredd and Mean....go get 'em Dredd....Why did you take your helmet off????!!!!  Follow the comic books man!

Card #53 - Janus Project ...say it 5 times really fast..  Dredd and this guy are brothers from another clone mother.

Card #4 - See??  Helmet still on.
 Card #79 - Rico - The Brother....
Card #27 - Mean Machine - His art is pretty sweet in the comics!

Card #68 - Project X....I am sure he is thinking "I am the Law"

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