Tuesday, July 23, 2019

2017 Topps WWE Women's Division (hanger box)

When WWE pushed for women revolution which includes this set. This set has 50 base cards and highlights from women wrestlers in NXT and WWE as well finishers insert set. On the cover is AWOL Sasha Banks, current Smackdown women champion Bayley, and former multi-time women champion Alexa Bliss.

R-45 - Ivory - two time women champion and member of WWE Hall of Fame
R-32 - Naomi - two-time women champion and wife of Jimmy Uso. Feel the glow!
R-27 - Becky Lynch - The Man and current RAW Women champion after defeating Ronda Rousey at Wrestlemania
R-24 - Stephanie McMahon - The Billionaire Princess and the wife of Triple H who will be handed WWE kingdom in the future as long Vince doesn't kill it.
R-9 - Nikki Cross - the crazed one and currently Alexa Bliss on-screen friend and lackey.
R-4 - Cathy Kelley - NXT and social media correspondant runs WWE YouTube channel
NXT-9 - Bayley Defeats Nia Jax - now onto highlights set. This one feature NXT: London event as Bayley, then NXT women champion, takes victory of Nia Jax.
NXT-18 - Bayley Deafeat Nia Jax - another moment of her defeating Nia Jax again this one on NXT TV
NXT-26 - Ember Moon Defeats Billie Kay and Liv Morgan - here's a wrestler I'm very familiar with. I seen Ember Moon wrestle in the indies at Texas-based Anarchy Championship Wrestling and Inspire Pro under the name Athena. Became a huge fan of her as she was destined to be WWE bound. Super happy of her when she finally got signed. Here she about hit Lunar Eclipse (or O-Face as it was called in the indies) on Liv Morgan. To this day I still yell, "Beat that hussy!" or "Ember (Athena) gonna kill you!" at my TV screen when she's on.
WWE-11 - Nikki Bella Defeats Carmella - now on WWE highlights this feature Nikki vs Carmella from No Mercy PPV
WWE-18 - Charlotte Flair Defeats Sasha Banks - 30 minute iron women match from Roadblock PPV with Charlotte beating Sasha to win her fourth title.
WWE-24 - Mickie James Returns - the one she was dressed as La Luchadora and turns heel assisting Alexa Bliss in beating Becky Lynch
NXT-15 - Nia Jax Defeats Bayley - another of those two but this one feature Nia beating Bayley in non-title match
R-39 - Miss Elizabeth - the late Miss Elizabeth who tragically passed away in 2003.
R-30 - Dasha Fuentes - no longer in the company she was released day before Wrestlemania
R-25 - Summer Rae - she was released from the company late 2017. Still trying forget the horrible love rectangle between her, Dolph Ziggler, Rusev, and Lana storyline
R-13 - Alexa Bliss - five-time WWE women champion and won first ever women Elimination Chamber match. Have battled concussions since late last year and have seem to gotten over it. Currently hosting talk show format segment A Moment of Bliss.
R-2 - Asuka - had long undefeated streak that started in NXT til it was ended last year at Wrestlemania (I was there) by Charlotte. Currently stuck in WWE booking hell.
F-4 - Natalya - now to finishers insert set. Natalya using the move her uncle Bret Hart made famous the Sharpshooter
F-13 - Trish Stratus - using her springboard bulldog finisher known as Stratusfaction on Lita
F-2 - Nikki Bella - after her neck injury she modified Rack Attack 1.0 to 2.0 turning it to a cutter. It's also known as TKO around wrestling circles.
F-22 - Stephanie McMahon - using her husband's move to finish Brie Bella off
F-16 - Tamina - using the same move her dad, the late Jimmy Snuka used in his career.
R-31 - Lana - the ravishing one is the wife of Rusev and would get in the ring at times
R-43 - Wendi Richter - WWE Hall of Fame member and two-time women champion was part of WWF Rock-N-Wrestling in 1980s.
NXT-4 - Asuka Makes Her Debut -  her first appearance on WWE programming
NXT-21 - Asuka Defeats Bayley - Asuka wins NXT women title over Bayley at NXT: Back II Brooklyn event. She held on the title til she relinquished it when she got called up to the main roster.
WWE-10 - Sasha Banks Defeats Charlotte - one of many times Sasha Banks defeating Charlotte for women title on TV.
WWE-22 - Bayley Defeats Nia Jax - fourth card featuring Bayley and Nia Jax match. Running out of cardboard ideas
WWE-16 - Alexa Bliss Defeats Becky Lynch - this one from TLC PPV as Alexa defeats Becky in a tables match
R-40 - Sherri Martel - the late Sensational Sherri was former women champion and manager of the late Randy Savage, Ted DiBiase, and Shawn Michaels. Went to WCW managing Ric Flair then Harlem Heat.
R-34 - Nikki Bella - I never liked her. She's more evil twin than Brie.
R-26 - Lita - four-time women champion and member of WWE Hall of Fame. She and Trish Stratus set the trend of women division during their time. The feud included RAW match which she nearly broke her neck defeating Trish for the title.
R-10 - Peyton Royce - 1/2 of current WWE women tag team champions, The Iiconics
R-3 - Billie Kay - other half WWE women tag team champions and Peyton's partner in crime
R-48 - Leilani Kai - former women champion and tag team champion with Judy Martin before the titles got deactivated. Wrestled at Wrestlemania 1 and 10.
NXT-17 - Asuka Defeats Nia Jax - story of this pack? Nia Jax always down on the mat
WWE-15 - Nikki Bella Defeats Carmella
WWE-6 - Alexa Bliss - she won fatal-5 way to becoming no. 1 contender for Smackdown women title
NXT-11 - Bayley and Carmella - both teamed up on NXT TV to defeat Emma and Alexa Bliss

 Too many filler highlights cards in this set telling me Nia Jax likes being down on the mat with her shoulders pinned. Two years after this set came out things changed with WWE have no idea how to book Asuka, Charlotte and Alexa will be their golden goose til Becky broke the ceiling. The women main evented Wrestlemania this year with Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte.

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Asuka is the first wrestler I've tried to follow in almost 20 years. Every once in awhile I'll search YT to see if she's had any new matches (solo or with Kairi).