Monday, July 01, 2019

2018 Topps Baseball Series 1 Retail


Hope everyone is doing well.  I'm in week 2 of the new job and so far so good.  Next week will begin my 3rd shift, however.  It'll be 10PM til 6AM...while I was able to take care of business during the 2 Target remodels I was a part of last year, this will be quite a different beast.

The APTBNL team was only able to put together 4 posts for June, a new record of futility.  There were 5 posts in April 2009, the first month of this blog, but that doesn't count because Grand Moff Matt started the show on April 26th.  We had 2 months of 6 posts, September 2011 and February of this year.  Looks like 2019 will be a new low for posts.

Ah, the good old days of 2 dollar packs!

Anyway, this has been sitting in my Scan folder, and since we've hit July, I figured I'd post this up real quick to get a move on for this month in the hopes of a rebound.  Here's what I got:

#142 – Adam Jones
#345 – Jose Reyes

Yes, it's hard to believe we didn't get a retail version of last year's Series 1 up here yet.  Everyone's 
favorite Buddha posted a Hobby pack last year.

#24 – Martin Maldonado
#182 – Alex Bregman (Future Stars)

There's 350 cards in Series 1, along with all the inserts and even more parallels.  Here's the 
checklist for the curious.

#TS 43 – Andre Dawson (Topps Salute)
#DJH-10 – Walk-Off Single In Final Home Game (Derek Jeter Highlights)

I'm glad Topps got rid of the Topps Salute.  Just another way to get more cards of legends and 
rookies (but yes to The Hawk).  Both the Salute and the Jeter Highlights came 1 in 4 packs.

#319 – David Peralta
#156 – Milwaukee Brewers Team Card

The Team cards were fun, but I think the Stadium cards in this year's set are universally preferred.

#48 – Boston Red Sox Team Card
#326 – Joey Gallo

Did you all hear the trivia on Gallo?  He was the fastest player in the AL to hit 100 home runs, but 
also set a record by having the lowest number of singles (93) when he hit 100 homers.  Here's 
the write up.

#122 – Chris Owings
#22 – Edinson Volquez

Anyway, that's the pack.  More later eventually (hopefully sooner than later).  Thanks for reading!

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