Thursday, July 04, 2019

2019 Topps of the Class - baseball

Caroline and I ran by one of our local card shops today. I wanted to pick up some 2019 Topps Tennessee Smokies 20th Anniversary Card Set cards. The LCS, Eddie's Sport's Treasures, works with Topps in what I call "the good report card" program.  Present your report card at the end of every six weeks and get a special pack of cards.  The LCS isn't so local.  It is at the other end of town.  I travel through three counties to get there, so we don't head that direct too often.

Eddie looked over the report card, determined she was eligible, and gave her a special pack of 2019 Topps of the Class.

A pack too shiny to scan

I asked her to wait until we got home to open them.  Something about eating a Sonic hot dog and fries and then washing her hands.  She understood.

Five cards in each pack.  One of those was a shiny, numbered "Greats" card.  She got Buster Posey.
2019 Topps in the Class
Lorenzo Cain - card # TC-52

2019 Topps in the Class
Lourdes Gurriel Jr. - card # TC-88

2019 Topps in the Class
Evan Longoria. - card # TC-74

2019 Topps in the Class
Lourdes Gurriel Jr. - card # TCG-12

2019 Topps in the Class
Yasiel Puig - card # TC-96

2019 Topps National Baseball Card Day
Mookie Betts - promo sticker
Caroline is a good student and I'm proud of her accomplishments.  Maybe we should find a way to get back to Eddie's every six weeks.

Beckett has posted the complete checklist and a better overview of this set.


P-town Tom said...

I like the promotion and it's another great way to try to get children into the hobby. Thanks for sharing!

Chris said...

Good job Caroline! Thanks for sharing these. The Mookie Betts card is awesome. Nice to see Topps still does stuff like this.

Fuji said...

Congratulations to your daughter for getting good grades! And kudos to Topps for coming up with this promotion. Hopefully it attracts more kids to our hobby.

Jafronius said...

Excellent job Caroline! Thanks for sharing your pack with us, and keep up the great work!