Saturday, July 06, 2019

2019 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Retail Hanger Pack

Had to make a stop at Wally World and found one lone rack pack of Stadium Club, so I brought it home with me.  This year's Stadium Club is similar to the last couple years with full bleed photos and foil name plates.  Topps does a great job again, for the most part, with photo selection for cards.  Let's have a look at the cards I pulled.
 Here are the pack odds.

 I think my favorite base card out of the pack was this German Marquez.  I love the wide-angle shot.  The other thing I noticed out of this pack is just how many cards were landscape oriented.  I've always thought Topps should try to put a set together that's all landscaped.  Here's a look at what the backs look like.
 Now on to the rest of the base...this Astudillo was a close second for best of the pack, what a great action play at the plate shot.

The set has a bunch of HOFers and retired players in it, oddly I didn't get a single one in this pack.  I did get one parallel in the pack.
 This Tellez card is a sepia parallel.  According to the pack odds these are about 1:8.
You can see that backs are the same and almost all the parallel this year are unnumbered.
I also picked up a sweet insert.
 I'm not a fan of Machado at all but I'm a now a big fan of these Instavision inserts.  Most of the inserts I've seen out of the product are pretty tame, but this monster is all foily and thick. Plus you can't tell from the scan but the inset photo is recessed on the card and the card is about three times the thickness of the base cards. 
Not a bad pack at all.


P-town Tom said...

Your pack odds for the Instavision insert are 1:1,031. I'd say you did okay!

Adam said...

I think that is Puig's first Reds card. I need to get that for my collection.

Fuji said...

That Machado is sweet! Congratulations on that pull.

Jeremy said...

Jackie Bradley is looking extra cool. I also pulled an Instavision card from a single pack. Mine was Javier Baez. I posted it on my blog at if you want to add me to your blogroll.

EJBmm113 said...

What is a sepia mel ott worth?

EJBmm113 said...

What is a sepia mel ott worth?