Thursday, December 12, 2019

2003-04 Pacific Quest For the Cup

Pacific was super active in hockey putting out eight sets that year. This one is called Quest For the Cup set. There are five cards in a pack with two sets to build outside of the inserts. Say what? Two sets? Yes two sets. You have 140 card QftC set and 600 card Compete set. Pacific decide to stick one card of Complete in six of their sets. QftC packs get cards 401-500 of Complete. I wonder if anyone ever did manage collect the entire set. On to the cards....
466 - Mathieu Garon (Complete) - from Complete set got good photo but back of the card is lacking
82 - Ladislav Nagy - the main set looks pretty good with Stanley Cup and the player's team colors. He played 8 seasons in the NHL before returning and playing remainder of his career in Europe..
51 - Zigmund Palfy - played 12 seasons in NHL becoming 4 time All-Star. Spent final years of his playing career in Slovak league.
13 - Jordin Tootoo (Calder Contender) - insert card that runs 1:7 in packs. He never won the award but sure likes to dish out checks, hits, and getting in his opponents head on ice.
54 - Marian Gaborik - 17 year veteran who won Cup with Kings in 2014. Despite not playing since 2018 season he's still under contract with Senators til 2021 from 7 year contract he signed with Kings in 2017.

Who feels like collecting Complete set after done putting together entire QftC set?

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Bulldog said...

I like the complete set design. Fun cards though. I've never seen these before.