Wednesday, December 25, 2019

2019 Topps Heritage Retail Hanger Pack

Merry Christmas!

Hope all our readers are enjoying the holiday season.  Things are slow at work (the world is kinda behaving) so I'm actually finishing up this post during my overnight shift.  Shh...don't tell anyone!

Anyway, during a recent Christmas shopping run at the blue big box store (blasphemy!) I came across a pack of 2019 Heritage in the discount box.  Since I don't usually buy Heritage - other than a sample pack or two - I decided why not and drop the 4 bucks for the pack.

Usually the Wally World by me just has football fat packs in their clearance box, with the occasional basketball and flagship baseball pack tossed in.  I decided a while ago to just scratch my football pack buying itch via the clearance box, so you'll eventually see those packs here.  But enough rambling, here's the Heritage I got in my stocking:

#108 - Alex Gordon
#65 - NL Home Run Leaders

Sorry if anyone is confused by the background; I took pics of the cards in my car while waiting for the boys to finish Sunday School.

This year's Heritage honors the 1970 design.  I don't remember reading much love for the 1970 design from bloggers, so maybe Topps is going through the motions for this release.

#34 - Cody Bellinger
#245 - Wade Davis

Got the NL MVP at least.

#47 - Zack Godley
#109 - Blue Jay Rookies

Not the Blue Jay rookies everyone's looking for.

#136 - Carlos Carrasco
#161 - Joey Wendle

Carrasco was named the 2019 Comeback Player of the Year.  He had a good year on and off the field.

#20 - Alex Cobb
#257 - Brad Hand

Here's the link to the checklist for those still interested in tracking down the set.

#BF-WM - Baseball Flashbacks (Willie McCovey)
#197 - 2018 NLCS Game 5

The Baseball Flashbacks come 1 in 20 packs.

#384 - Keone Kela
#117 - Kyle Schwarber

Cool, got a Cubs player...this pack's a success!

#275 - Yoshihisa Hirano
#16 - Jake Junis

I'm out of witty things to type.  Here are the rest of the cards:

#359 - J.D. Martinez (All-Star)
#190 - Luke Weaver

#61 - NL Batting Leaders
#110 - Kyle Crick

And here are the backs because Holly Jolly:

I enjoyed the player's full name and cartoons on the back.

Anyway, that's the pack.  Once again, Merry Christmas to all!  I hope everyone gets something good in their stocking this year.

Thanks for reading!


Brett Alan said...

I've gotten some good stuff from Wal-Mart clearance racks--probably my best pull ever was a Mark McGwire auto /25 from a hanger box at WM--but I never see cards from the current year there, even at the end of the year.

BTW, that's the 1970 design, not 1969.

Jafronius said...

Corrected...thank you sir!