Friday, December 06, 2019

2019 Topps Gallery Baseball

Wandered over to Wally World this afternoon and picked up a hanger pack of the Wal-mart exclusive Topps Gallery.  Let's take a look.

 Here are the odds for the pack.  Looks like someone didn't proofread the NPN blurb before sending this to final print.  I also didn't notice this until after I scanned the pack but you can totally see the top card in the pack.

Here's rookie Nick Senzel's card front and back.

 And the rest of the base.

 Not a bad pack base card wise with a couple big name rookies.
Each pack comes with two of these wood parallels, although it's not noted anywhere on the pack or in the odds.

 I ended up pulling two inserts.  My all time favorite player, Robin Yount, has a card in this Master and Apprentice set, hopefully I'll find one of those eventually.

 And I pulled Bryce Harpers Heritage insert.

Overall not a bad pack and like always a really nice set.  Too bad this is Wal-mart exclusive this product would do really well in hobby shops.  You may notice the varity of art styles from card to card.  Topps employed quite a few artist in this year's set.


P-town Tom said...

I was wondering about the pairing of Musial with Goldschmidt. I didn't realize Stan the Man played more than 1000 games at first base.

Bulldog said...

I definitely think that was a nice pull. The wood parallels are annoying in that they don't tell you what they are. The Folty and Tatis are my favorites from these.