Wednesday, December 25, 2019

2019 Topps Heritage High Number Blast Pack

I received a box for Christmas each pack contained 9 cards box has a total of 72 cards.  Inserts to look for in this product includes a number of errors, short prints and variations along with Award Winners, Combo Cards, Then and Now , Rookie Performers Chromes, Mini's.........
Here is the best pack of the box I got.

 Unopened Pack:

 Base card fronts including 3 RC:

Base Back of cards:

Now for the hit of the box says it 1:700 pack hit for these Topps Heritage Chrome Blacks #'d /69 this one is a Byron Buxton # 31/69.

Back of the Chrome with numbering which is hard to read since it's stamped in the blue ink in the upper right corner.

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bbcardz said...

Love 2019 Heritage! Congrats on pulling that black chrome card!