Saturday, October 22, 2022

2022 Topps Archives Baseball (Hobby)

I picked up a couple packs of 2022 Topps Archives Baseball (Hobby) at the LCS today.

Topps Archives has been a favorite of mine for many years, and I tend to break a couple hobby boxes every year. The "Fan Favorites" autograph subset, featuring 2 retired player on-card autos per box, had always been a draw for me.

2021 marked a bit of a shift, with fewer retired player autographs and more current stars, and 2022 has shown an even less diverse retired player auto checklist, so I decided not to spring for a whole box.

That said, those are just my preferences, and I'm sure the newer autograph subsets appeal to plenty of card buyers... and it's not all about the autographs!

This year we are focusing on the aesthetic of 1963, 1978, and 1987 Topps cards.

Starting things off are rookie cards of Jake Meyers and Lucius Fox in the 1978 Topps format. Fans of 1978 Topps may be happy to know that the "Play Ball" game on the back of the base set is present on the back of these cards as well:

Next we have rookie cards of Rodolfo Castro and Roansy Contreras in the 1987 and 1963 Topps formats, respectively. Two RC RC's. 

In the 1955 Topps "Scoop" format, we have a Chris Taylor card highlighting his 3 HR game.

Two base cards of Andrew Vaughn (1963 format) and Ketel Marte (1987 format).

Finishing things off we have Johnny Bench in a 1987 Topps format.


Anonymous said...

"Luciis Fox" sounds like a porn star.

night owl said...

The Chris Taylor card! I've gotta get that thing.

Fuji said...

Sad to hear that Topps is including more current players in the Fan Favorites autograph set. I've always enjoyed the selection of minor stars and local/fan favorites.

P.S. That Bench is a nice looking card. Great photo.

Kicky Sam said...

@night owl - consider it yours, email me