Saturday, October 01, 2022

2021 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary Edition (Hobby)



On my trip to the Bay Area that included watching Max Scherzer start for the Mets in a blowout against my beloved Oakland A's, I stopped at my favorite card shop in Marin County.

I picked up a single from this set (Dave Parker Auto) and had my eye on buying some packs at some point. With the cosmetics of 1952 Topps printed in Topps Chrome format, it seemed hard to go wrong.

Interestingly, there were two Hobby products: "Hobby", and "Hobby Lite". The major difference between the two is that "Hobby Lite" was priced lower and had no guaranteed autograph hit (there is 1/box in the standard "Hobby" edition)

I broke four packs from the standard Hobby box. 4 cards per pack.

Here's one.

You really can't get scans of these cards without smudges and fingerprints. Annoying, anyway here's Chance Sisco, who my brother declared to have a "cool baseball name" upon seeing him.

Here's former 2017 All-Star Michael Conforto, who turned down $30,000,000 from Houston and hasn't played in the bigs since 2021. He's only 29. There's gotta be something we don't know about. 

Here's Kyle Tucker. Some weird airbrushing on this one. He was a 2022 All-Star.

And finally we have future A and current Met Mark "Canha Play With Madness?" Canha before he left Oakland as everyone eventually does. He was warm to the fans at the Coliseum.


Swing And A Pop-up said...

Cool cards, although Conforto declined the 30 million dollar offer from Houston a month ago, not last year.

Fuji said...

Gotta be nice to be able to walk away from a 30 million dollar deal.

Kicky Sam said...

@Swing And A Pop-Up
Thank you for the correction, change noted in post!