Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1993 Classic Games Deathwatch 2000

Time to bust some more of those sweet packs given to me by The Collective Troll. This next one was my favorite because of what I could have pulled. The foil stamped "Brink of Deathwatch 2,000" card is pretty sweet. But even better? Well check the pack itself:
Hard to read in the scan given the shiny, but at the bottom it says I can potentially look forward to "7 Limited-Print HYBRID Cards of Shaquille O'Neal, Manon Rheaume & Ken Griffey, Jr." How cool is that? It's a completely random set from some random comics...and you can get sweet cards of Shaq, Griffey, and a female hockey goalie! YEAAAAH!

Sadly I didn't get one. Which is a bummer because those cards are sweet! Here's the Shaq, here's the Manon (Couldn't find the Griffey).

That said, the base cards are cool too, as is the foil card I got. Here's the official list of foil cards I could've picked up in the pack. Yay foil, especially at one per pack:

But the real cool part of any pack is the cards. So here they are, all 16 of them. And for the record, I have never read this comic. So although I may make silly comments about the cards due to my ignorance...I mean no disrespect to Deathwatch 2000 or anyone who enjoys it:
#39 Cyberrad's First Battle - No idea what it means, but the card certainly looks cool. I mean, check out that super cool laser behind his right shoulder! Is he shooting something? Or is someone flying past him?

Maybe the back of the card can explain?
"Underneath the Mount St. Helens Crater, CyberRad Joings the Fray Alongside Shaman Megalith and Shealth" idea. But sweet. At least the back of the card explains what that laser is kind of:

"A band of tight, laser-directed plasma energy blows the chest out of a Stopper robot"

Good to know. I still have no idea what's going on, but there's your standard card back anyways.

#40 First Strike - Apparently this guy's a steroid monster, so Barry Bonds made an appearance in this set too I guess. Oh wait, it was 1993. So Jose Canseco made an appearance in this set instead.

#30 Hovering Death - Man, how bada** is this set? This is "Pete Stavey," who escaped a bunch of robot-bikes "only to be cornered by their extractor," which appears to be a sweet helicopter. It's like Mad Max on crack or something.

#29 Escape from Death-Jaws - "Werebreds dodge giant, enraged dinosaur." This card ends with the phrase, "their rescue mission could easily end in horrible death." Not exactly 1993 Leaf here folks.

#28 Fiiiiiir's Revenge - Wow...this dude's name looks like I fell asleep at the keyboard. I mean, I get that Fir doesn't sound totally awesome, but Fiir almost sounds Viking-esque, and Fiiir could be cool. Fiiiiiir just seems overboard. The best part? Fiiiiiir is only taking that dude out with a lightning bolt because that dude (Cyclone) downed Fiiiiiir's ally, named Ursssss. Creative names all around guys.

#27 Lith Kasti's Victory - This dude can "melt steel with a single fire-blast from his hands." Plus he seems pretty tall. I wouldn't eff with him.

#13 Megalith Rescued by Security Team - Man, so many crazy monsters/robots/whatevers in this set, and card #13 features a bunch of humans. LAME. Luckily the next card rules because it is FOIL!

#BC1 (aka the foil card) Highperion Faces Extinction - It's so hard to tell from the scan. but this card is very shiny. The backs look pretty similar to the other backs though:
I have to say that I don't totally understand the title - Ms. Mystic is the one on the ground truly facing extinction as she would've died if the raptor bit her, while Highperion is just killing the raptor. Maybe it means he's facing metaphorical extinction? Like dinosaurs went extinct and he's battling a dino? Meta? clue. Sweet card though.

#75 Rem's Wicked Tricks Fails - This card makes me laugh a lot. For one, Rem is a giant horsefly. For two, the words "FAILS" is stretched out so's like they're trying to rub it in Rem's face.

#76 Gravity Battering Ram - Gravity made a rock crash into a big monster dude. Science wins again.

#77 Earth 4 Attacks Their Dopplegangers - If Sealab 2021 taught me anything, it's that doppleganger is the best word of all time. On a side note, I could totally kick my doppleganger's butt.

#78 - Mite Bounces Into The Fray - Whoa, it's that horsefly again. Totally freaked out the skeleton looking thing in this case. His face looks like he just got a wedgie or something.

#79 Evil Elementals - "Stagnant water, stench-filled air, moldy Earth, and irradiated Flame" and Heart...GOOOOOO PLANET!

Captain Plaaaanet, he's our herrroooooo. Gonna take pollution downnnn to zerrrooooo...

Moving on...

#80 Dinosaur Rampage - Highperion makes another appearance after saving Ms. Mystic from dinosaurs. Apparently the dinos were a big deal, as some of them get an appearance on this card as well.

#70 Morph's Deadly Gaze - If I understand the perspective of this card correctly, the guy on the right is Jimmy Stewart, aka Rear Window, watching his robot neighbor do dastardly deeds. Or something like that.

#69 Stop That Madman - Last card of the pack, and it's a doozy! If those 3 giant robots don't stop that human from swinging a crow bar at a supercomputer, then the Earth will be destroyed. To be honest, knowing nothing about what will happen, I'm siding with the 3 giant robots over the 5'5" scientist. Just seem like they've got the upper hand here.

And there we have it - 1993 Classic Games Deathwatch 2000! I hope you guys enjoyed reading about it as much as I did opening it!

- SpastikMooss


Collective Troll said...

GREAT RIP!!! I def sent those to the right person...

SpastikMooss said...

Hahahaha...yeah you did Troll..I love em!