Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2003 Fleer Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: 3D

I scanned the front of the package, but the blister pack just came out ugly. I mean flat-out unusable.  So, I offer you the back of the blister pack.  The pack contains 4 unassembled cards and one pre-assembled card.  I suppose they did that since they did not include any instructions for assembly.  Naturally, my pre-assembled card (Shredder) had already fallen to pieces.

Mikey (as they call him now, I believe) is the first out of the pack.  The cards are cut around the images so that you can punch out all the parts then spend hours of fun figuring out just how that little cross-connect actually...connects.

And... Another Mikey, though a different one.  Now, I just want to mix and match pieces.  Who wouldn't?

Donny looks like quite a mess unassembled.

Finally, we have the generic "foot soldier."  If I were to guess, I would bet EVERY pack has one of these in it.

There is also a fold-out poster/checklist.  The back of this has part of a poster.  Collect all the parts, make a big poster.  All kinds of "interactive" fun in this pack, boys and girls!

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Todd Uncommon said...

Make the turtles! It'd be cool to see how they'd turn out.