Thursday, September 23, 2010

1994 Star V.I. Model Search

I was at the local card shop when I saw these odd ball non-sport cards. Wanting to know what's inside so I picked it up. Turns out the cards have women in swimsuits. Imagine if Sports Illustrated swimsuit models got printed into cards this is what you got. I wonder how these women look 15 years later after the cards were produced.

Here's the wrapper:

The pack has 9 cards. On the flap mention randomly inserted winning coupons to redeems autograph cards, uncut sheets, and sports memorabilia. I didn't get one.

The first card:
63 - Jennifer Turner - looks good in the black swimsuit. Thumbs up

93 - Cheryl Butner - good looking beach girl. Another thumbs up.

68 - Casey Gray - she looks seductive on the back of her card. Another thumbs up.

98 - Keelin Curnuck - said appeared as Ms. Venus International 1994. No wonder. Thumbs up.

73 - Windy Merriam - she's a good looking one. Thumbs up

19 - Yvette Molina-Salas - I think she looks barely legal on the back of her card. Yes there are such thing as good looking women in Alaska.

49 - Dawn Boer - ehhh....she looks like the actress that played Marcy from Married With Children. Thumbs down.

24 - Chandelle Peacock - South Dakota bounces back from Marcy look-a-like to a hottie. Thumbs up.

29 - Vonzelle Stengel - the last card of the pack and testosterone went overload. Oh yeah! Thumbs way up!

Interesting pack of cards to open with filled with good looking women.

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Todd Uncommon said...

How did I miss this pack earlier?

I wonder if there's an "implant relic" subset?