Wednesday, September 01, 2010

1996 Topps Stadium Club Series 1

10 EXTREME cards at an EXTREME price marked down at an EXTREME discount. I paid 50 cents for this. That's two EXTREME quarters, for those in the know.

114 - John Franco (EXTREME bro punch, bro! Todd Hundley, or possibly Kelly Stinnett because I can't recognize mid-'90s Mets catchers, is giving Franco "The Business"!)

34 - Shawn Green

87 - Mike Morgan (Morgan has a decidedly non-EXTREME name. You could say the same thing about his career, not that it was a bad one.)

55 - Bret Saberhagen (Mullets... EXTREME? Yes?)

133 - Tom Goodwin

23 - Kirby Puckett (I'm quite positive that nothing Kirby Puckett ever did was not EXTREME.)

37 - Jaime Navarro

215 - Manny Ramirez Team TSC

(Whoa, buzz cut... EXTREME?! The hot rumor was that Manny was actually delayed in his quest to rejoin the American League yesterday because he had a date with the barber. I wonder if he got his hair cropped as close as this. I'm at least looking forward to the end of his disgusting batting helmet.)
- Some Sort of Game Card

32 - Bernard Gilkey ("Here, let me pass my EXTREME-ness to you.")

29 - Joey Hamilton (Okay, so the name 'Joey'... not that EXTREME.)


Play at the Plate said...

That's not Manny. That's a skinny, bald imposter.

Charles @ Hoopography said...


I love TSC. Some of the best photography in the industry back in the day.

Community Gum said...

I never got to see the later Stadium Club cards because I turned 15 when this set came out and was more interested in girls than cards. I still have a collecting dream of putting together every single Stadium Club set, inserts and all... maybe when I stop being interested in girls. -Andy

Cardsplitter said...

The business. Roffle! Lol!