Thursday, September 30, 2010

2004 Upper Deck National Trading Card Day

e46yttttt(All of these cards are available for trade)

Hey everybody, happy National Trading Card Day!

Okay not really (it's actually April 3rd), but I do have this pack to share with you that commemorated the day in 2004. See:
Ewwww, LeBron's on the front...boooooooo. But hey, I can get cards from 5 different sports, including MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, & Golf! COOL! I wonder who I'll get first...maybe Albert Pujols, or Paul Pierce, or Tom Brady...

Nope. None of the above. It's a golfer. And it's a she. Random!
#1 Annika Sorenstam - Okay, not so random - the 15 cards are in number order from 1 to 15, so anyone who got this pack would pull her first. So hats off to Upper Deck for making card #1 a female in a male dominated set, but hats back on since there's no variety in a pack. Ah well, it's still all new to me right? Here's the back of her card:
Little blurb, vital stats, picture recap...and that'll do 'er!

#2 - Hideki Matsui - Starting things off internationally apparently with Sweeden and Japan...tricky tricky. Was Matsui really big enough in 2004 to be included in this set? I'd argue no, but what do I know?

#3 Ichiro - Continuing the international theme, we have Ichiro, who certainly deserves to be in this set. I also like the color scheme for his card with that teal-y-ness.

#4 Jack Nicklaus - Good old Columbus, OH breaks up the non-U.S. monotony. The back of the card calls him the "greatest golfer of all time." I don't disagree.

#5 - Ken Griffey Jr. - 13 homeruns and a .247 average in 2003. Riding on those mid 90's coattails. But man, they were good coattails.

#6 Kevin Garnett - Ooo a basketball card of a current Celtic! Sadly this is where the pack goes downhill, starting with...

#7 LeBron James - Ewwwww. It's kind of a rookie card, but he's kind of a douche.

#8 Michael Jordan - One of the greatest of all time, but also the precursor to Brett Favre. Luckily Favre is having a MJ-with-the-Wizards-esque final run this year.

#9 A Bunch of Cleveland Browns - Okay, so really it's a Michael Vick card, but the Browns actually WON that game in 2003, so I had to mention them. Kevin Johnson and William Green scored 4th quarter touchdowns leading to a 24-16 Browns victory. Suck on that Vick!

#10 Patrick Roy - Certainly one of the best goalies ever, if only for messing with Americans who have to try to pronounce his name correctly. I was stunned as a kid when I realized it was not pronounced Roy, but rather "Rue-ah." Crazy Canadians!

#11 Peyton Manning - As a Browns fan and a Patriots fan...booooo. Not as bad as LeBron, but boooo.

#12 Sammy Sosa - Oh Sammy...How we used to love you so...

#13 Sergio Garcia - Brief pack upswing (literally) just before...

#14 Tiger Woods - This guy goes and ruins everything. Tiger AND Peyton AND LeBron? Throw in the Favre I got in the box from Troll and damn...what an unfortunate set. Ah well, one more card left to check out...

#15 Wayne Gretzky - Cool, the Great One, I can dig that. Nice finish! Oh but wait, there's the insert:

I would've shown you the back, but it says "Win an experience with Ken Griffey Jr.," and that creeped me out. What kind of "experience" do I win? Do I even want to know? They said you could go to to find out, but I don't think I really want to know. So I'll stop the pack there, no research needed!

- SpastikMooss


Collective Troll said...

Wow... Great post! I bought like 20 of these packs, but never actually ripped one. Interested to see what was in there. Not impressed, but interested...

Anonymous said...

Cool, I like it. Even with some of sports' most omnipresent douches. :)

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madding said...

Ugh... LeBron James and Michael Vick? Where's John Rocker?