Wednesday, September 08, 2010

2002 Bowman Heritage Hobby

This is a pack of 2002 Bowman Heritage Hobby that I picked up at a card show in July. Each pack contains 10 cards and the packs went for $4.50. These cards honor the 1954 Bowman set and I believe this is the 2nd edition of Bowman Heritage - the 2001 Bowman Set was based off of 1948 Bowman.

The Set is 440 cards composed of 324 base cards and 116 short prints. Joe Mauer and David Wright are the key rookies from this set. There are a couple of levels of serially numbered chrome cards as well as Relics and Autos.

#273 Antwon Rollins
#381 Scotty Layfield
#66 Pedro Martinez

#205 Brad Nelson
#274 Bobby Jenks

#10 Adam Roller

#298 Cliff Floyd
#49 Dan Phillips
#365 Dean Palmer

#153 Miguel Tejada
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The Tejada cards is a Black Box Parallel - these are in every other pack. The other 1 per 2 are short prints.

To get a look an original 1954 Bowman check out this post at Phungo

B-Sides (click to enlarge)

#66 Pedro Martinez (b-side) 1954 Bowman Heritage #214 Ferris Fain (b-side)

I have also presented the B-Side of an original 1954 Bowman for comparison. The #66 Card in the original 54 Bowman Set was of Ted Williams, but the cards was pulled - probably a contractual thing. Jimmy Piersall replaced Williams in the Set. In 2002 Topps Recognized this by putting two current Red Sox on #66, Pedro and Nomar Garciaparra.

I like the look of 1954 Bowman and I am considering building the set after I have completed my 1959 Topps Set. 2002 Bowman Heritage would be an interesting companion set to build with the original.

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