Sunday, June 16, 2013

2006 Topps Series 2


Hope everyone's doing well.  Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.  Hope you all were able to relax and enjoy the day.

I wanted to post another basketball pack since we're still in the Finals, but looks like I went through all of the basketball packs in my scanned pics folder.  I may have to go back to sorting some basketball cards in my never-ending massive reorganization project.  Anyway, here's a pack of 2006 Topps Series 2!

Now you may ask, "hasn't there been a pack of this already?"  Well, yes, this set has been represented already, but not this specific type of pack.  You're all gonna see a lot of these "nitpicking" packs from me
as I try to get my collection in order.

This was a retail pack, and since we all know the set by now, let's just get on with it::

#380 – Marcus Giles
#509 – Freddy Sanchez
#457 – Shea Hillenbrand

Topps / Target Sweepstakes card (not pictured)
#373 – Woody Williams
#414 – Lance Niekro
#492 – Bob Wickman (back)

Always nice to get a card of a pitcher batting.  Showing the back of the Wickman card.  The little graphic was a nice add-on, but the stat highlight wasn't necessary.

Fantasy Baseball Sluggers card (not pictured)
#640 – Jeremy Hermida (RC)
#500 – Derek Jeter
#3 of 3 – Series 2 Checklist
#528 – Doug Mirabelli

#536 – Scott Eyre
#MHR15 – Mickey Mantle Home Run History
Work Hard Get Cards card (not pictured)
#609 – Pittsburgh Pirates

Anyway, that's the pack.  Hope everyone has a great week.  Go Hawks and thanks for reading!

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Stealing Home said...

Now i know where to find those Mantle cards.