Tuesday, April 03, 2018

1994 TCM Caterpillar Earthmovers Series II

The early 1990s boom of unique and odd sets that produced just about every imaginable trading card set continues with this 1994 Caterpillar Earthmovers Series II set.  That's right, we have a trading card set devoted to construction equipment....more specifically, Caterpillar construction equipment.  Cue Tim "The Toolman" Taylor....UUUUHHHG, UUUHHHG.  This is raw power packed in a 10-card metallic wrapper.  More importantly are the chances for a Bob Feller or Karl Malone autograph.  Why are they included you ask?  Because Karl owns/owned a trucking company with tractors that were powered by Caterpillar engines.  And Bob....well he owns a bunch of vintage Caterpillar farm equipment.  Makes sense since this was the early 1990s and the Wild West of insert sets and anything goes.  According to The Trading Card Database, this set has 200 base cards in it with the Chromium Card inserts and 2 autographs.  Grab your thermos of coffee and lunch pail, let's wreck this pack....

Come On Chromium Cards.  I am glad they are UV coated for when I take them with me to the pool.

Card #180-14G Motor Grader:  Not bad to start, but I think I can do better.

Card #132-First Gas Track-Type Tractor:  Now we are talking.  I wonder if those 4 guys at the bottom are from OSHA?

Card #189-325 Log Loader:  I've seen plenty of these in my days growing up in the mountains.

Card #152-953B Track Loader:  Caterpillar helping with Suburban sprawl...

Card #113-Mining Machines:  Boom, I think we hit the motherload.

Card #194-AP-1050 Asphalt Paver:  A machine we should all be thankful for.....this is what America runs on.

Card #195-PM-565 Cold Planer:  More road construction goodness!

Card #200-RM-350 Reclaimer/Mixer:  As a kid I always dreamed of driving one of these since they looked so goofy.

Card #126-Historical Truck Engines: Old school is the new cool.....

Card #191-Checklist:  Caterpillar???  A crummy commercial.....Son of a bit......  Your eyes do not deceive you....I accidently cut the card when I was opening the pack..  Booo.

Here is a back example:

There you go.  Has anyone reading this operated any of these machines?


P-town Tom said...

Haven't ever operated one of these but CAT and Peoria kind of go hand and hand. The built a visitors center about 5 years ago, which does fair business from what I've heard.

Fuji said...

Never operated one, but I sure would like to. These cards are really cool. My niece is obsessed with excavators... so I might need to go out and find a set.