Sunday, October 07, 2018

1988 Topps Baseball Stickers

How about baseball stickers for quarter? Topps and Panini went head-to-head for first time in sticker department. I bought them along the book when I was a kid. Topps counter with superstar card on back of each sticker. There are 67 cards and up to three variations. I'm going to feature the stickers and the card.
4/223 - Vince Coleman/Gary Matthews; 64 - Tom Henke - first one feature Vincent Van-Go and Gary Sr. The back feature Tom Henke. The two other Superstar variations from this sticker? The late Kirby Puckett and Hall of Famer Jack Morris.
111/162 - Chris Brown/Dave Stewart; 30 - Fernando Valenzuela
264/286 - Frank Tanana/Donnie Hill; back: 67 - checklist
61 - Rick Sutcliffe; 43 - Tony Fernandez - Sutcliffe gets a solo shot
155 - Ricky Henderson; 42 - Paul Molitor - All-Star stickers are foil. Ricky Henderson sticker feature two Superstar variation. He's paired with now former Twins manager Paul Molitor. Hall of Famers in the front and back.


Fuji said...

It might be kinda fun to build this set with all of the variations.

Bulldog said...

Sarge! Some great players. Thanks for sharing. Never seen these before.

SumoMenkoMan said...

Nice set and I’m with Fuji on building the master set.