Wednesday, October 03, 2018

2017 Pokemon TCG Sun & Moon


Hope everyone is doing well.  While doing the Target overnight remodel (ol' Jafronius decided to help a second store when my store finished up to keep that sweet overnight 40 hours a week paycheck coming in for a couple more months), I got the word that my brother's wife gave birth to their first daughter early this morning.  All is well.  My parents now have 3 granddaughters and 2 grandsons; 5 little "monsters" means it's another Pokemon pack!

This is a pack of 2017 Pokemon TCG Sun & Moon.  10 cards per pack.  Go here if you want to get more info on the cards.

I like that the Pokemon on the wrapper is really to be feared, but when you see the cards, well, it's hit or miss.  Here's what I got:

9/149 – Rowlet
57/149 – Alolan Grimer

See what I mean?  You go from that lion doom-bringer thing to an owl (not the Night Owl, although 
that card could be a night card).

Of course, if you come across a slime monster on the beach, you'd go to another beach.

59/149 – Drowzee
92/149 – Cutiefly

There's 149 cards in the set.  I don't think you'd win many games if Cutiefly is a central part of your 

88/149 – Skarmory
8/149 – Masquerain

Skarmory looks impressive.  Metallic Sound?  Now I'm thinking it swoops in with "Enter Sandman" 
as it's intro music, Mariano Rivera style.

68/149 – Hariyama

114/149 – Big Malasada

19/149 – Steenee
31/149 – Poliwhirl

Nothing like flinging what appears to be a pepto-bismol filled donut at an enemy, but apparently a malasada is a thing.  You learn something new every day.

Anyway, that's the pack.  Happy birthday to my newest niece, and thanks for reading!

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