Thursday, September 27, 2018

2018 Donruss Football Retail


Hope everyone is doing well.  Thanks to everyone's favorite Alaskan Buddha, we've had the most September posts since 2010, the first full year of the blog!  I doubt we'll break the record, but it's been certainly fun reading about his haul from the Anchorage LCS.

A few days ago the Hobby version of this pack was posted.  Here's the retail version of 2018 Donruss Football!

While Buddha paid just $.50 for his pack, I paid a little more (though it was 25% off on the Target Cartwheel app).  Since Hobby packs have 2 more cards, he obviously got the better deal.  Oh well, let's see what I got:

#64 - Alex Smith
#259 - Jimmy Graham

There are 400 cards in the checklist, with the usual plethora of unknown-odds inserts.  The checklist is generally organized by team. 

#18 - Deion Sanders
#140 - Kareem Hunt

Retired stars are in the mix too. 

#125 - Jack Doyle
#172 - Kenny Stills

I don't mind the design, but I can do without the extra white curving lines at the bottom of the card.

#1998-4 - Jordan Howard (1998 Tribute Set)
#381 - Jordan Wilkins (RC)

Not pictured:  Super Bowl LIII Kid Reporter ad and thick (3 cards think!) fake card

There are 15 cards in the 1998 Tribute Set.  Wilkins isn't a "Rated Rookie" (half of the 100 rookies in the set are designated "Rated Rookies") but he's doing OK in his first year so far.

Here are the backs:

Standard Panini back.  Not a lot of stats, but a lot of mini footballs.  I do like the colors being based on team colors, but what's with the birthdate getting it's own line at the bottom?

Anyway, that's the pack.  Have a good week and thanks for reading!


Fuji said...

Nice to see Deion featured with the Falcons. Seems like 98% of his cards depict him with the Cowboys and 49ers... my two least favorite teams.

Bulldog said...

Love those Deion cards . I'm with you. The extra wavy lines can go. Good pull.