Sunday, September 23, 2018

1994-95 SkyBox Premium Basketball Series 1

The new NBA season is rapidly approaching, with preseason games coming at us by the end of the week. Life moves fast, etc. Let's check out some hoopsters from the '90s.

107 - Chris Morris - This is a prety solid action shot of Chris Morris dunking the ball, complete with the signature SkyBox orange glow trailing the ball.

36 - Jim Jackson - Here's a look at the back, with a full color photo taking up the entire right side of the card. Not bad.

186 - Hardaway vs. Smith Dynamic Duals - Penny vs. the 6'8" Great from Michigan State. There's an interesting idea for a subset in here, but it's diminished by the cropped photo.

98 - Stacey King - King was a bench guy on those early '90s championship Bulls teams.

73 - Harold Ellis - This name doesn't ring a bell.

68 - Reggie Miller - On the other hand, here's a Hall of Famer. He essentially has his own ESPN 30 for 30 episode.

I probably didn't win. It looks like if you sent in 40 (!) of these, you got some 3-card promo panel.

177 - Charles Oakley NBA on NBC - It's weird to think about now, but the NBA on NBC was a huge deal back then. Does Sunday Night Football have its own subset? I doubt it!

136 - Tracy Murray - Murray was a lethal outside shooter, at one point leading the league in 3 point percentage, but he didn't exactly have a well-rounded game.

165 - Karl Malone - The Mailman, in one of the few moments where he wasn't elbowing someone in the face or neck.

64 - Otis Thorpe - Is that Charles Barkley lurking back there?

80 - Vlade Divac - The current Sacramento Kings GM.

88 - Rony Seikaly - Seikaly's excellence on the court somehow did not touch off a boom in babies named Rony.


Bulldog said...

Nice pull. These weren't great cards but they were good cards. Good post.

Jafronius said...

That 30 For 30 was good times.

RAZ said...

Rony Seikaly is a house music DJ now. Sometimes I hear his show on the radio.

madding said...

RAZ: Seriously?! That is awesome for some reason.

Fuji said...

I opened a lot of 1994-95 basketball in hopes of pulling Jason Kidd, but don't remember seeing this product. It sucks getting old.