Tuesday, September 04, 2018

1996 Score Board All Sport PPF

Another 50 cent pack I picked up Labor Day weekend at my LCS Don's Sportcards.  This was the only pack of Score Board on the table.  Didn't pull any hockey, but as a bonus I did pull a couple guys I've heard of.

A kind of Todd Walker rookie card.  For whatever reason I always think of this 20 year retired vet as a Rockie.

Couple of footballers I've actually heard of as well.


Rebel Coyote said...

Mark Hendrickson as basketball player before he became MLB pitcher. They sure airbrushed those logos. Lawrence Phillips what a waste.

Fuji said...

Ugh. I bought this stuff back in the day. Not a very proud collecting moment. Not sure what I regret buying more... Scoreboard products or Signature Rookie products. Both were a huge waste of money.

That being said... I'd probably buy a pack of this stuff if I found it at my LCS for 50¢.