Thursday, September 06, 2018

2018 Donruss Racing

Continuing on with packs I picked up for just half a buck on Labor Day is a 2018 pack of Donruss Racing.  I'm really that into racing, but I really do like the Donruss brand and the sets Panini puts out that they have licenses for look great, plus there are some great inserts.  And some of the coolest relics come out of these products, tires, sheetmetal, firesuits.  Let's have a look at what was in the pack.

The Legends cards are pretty sweet as well.

1985 homage cards.

Danika Patrick Race Kings err Queens.

These classics inserts look great in hand.  Very nice job by Panini.

And a big surprise was a hit!  I'll be honest I have no idea who Dakoda was until I looked him up.  Overall you can't complain about an autograph from a 50 cent pack.

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