Monday, September 10, 2018

2016 Donruss Optic Baseball

A couple of years after Panini revived the Donruss brand for baseball, they took things to another level and made a Chrome'd up version of their Donruss set and called it Donruss Optic. Here's a pack from the 2016 release.

114 - Jose Bautista - Bautista is probably on his last legs, but he has 15 years in the game and a ton of stories, I'm sure.

109 - Matt Kemp - Here's my obligatory complaint about baseball cards with no MLB license. Kemp could be playing for probably a good third of the teams in the league here.

MG14 - Pete Rose Masters of the Game - It's an insert card of The Hit King! He'll sign it if you give him $50, probably?

72 - Carlos Gonzalez Prizm Pink - I tend to have trouble with the various colors of Panini's parallels (why does purple always look like pink?), but I think this is right? It doesn't help that CarGo plays for a team with purple borders.

38 - Michael Conforto - Like most of the Mets, Conforto has regressed this season after breaking out last year.

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Ana Lu said...

That Pete Rose seems like he got a bee sting on his 'back-end' and it's popping out of the card!