Monday, September 17, 2018

1996 Fleer Baseball '96 Dodgers Team Set Pack

Yet another cheap pack I picked up way back during Don's Sportcards Labor Day sale.  This is the third pack of the different 1996 Fleer team packs that Ifound.  Here is a link to the checklist over at Trading Card Database.  There a couple guys just about everyone should recognize, but the Piazza would be the money card for the set.  Let's have a look at what I got.

And finally an example of a Logo card in the checklist.


Fuji said...

Cool oddball issue of Nomo.

Ana Lu said...

That Delino card is great! Because he just don't know at all where the ball is!

Todd Uncommon said...

Ah, Raul Mondesi. A guy who could you practically guarantee would hit 30 fastballs over the fence, but then nothing else all season long. That guy swung at even the freakiest breaking curveballs like they were catnip and never touch a single one.