Wednesday, September 12, 2018

1996 Fleer Baseball '96 Colorado Rockies Team Set Pack

I recently featured the Orioles Fleer Team pack and here we have an example of the Rockies.  I won't bore you with spiel I wrote for the Orioles pack.  I definitely knew fewer players on the '96 Rockies though. Galarraga might be the only one I really recognized out of the pack.  Here is a link to the whole checklist over at the Trading Card Database.

If you're counting you'll notice I only feature 8 cards, that because I got two of Mr. Leskanic here.


Rebel Coyote said...

Jayhawk Owens got his entire name on the card. The previous card would list him as J. Owens

Fuji said...

Jayhawk Owens and Quinton McCracken sound like names out of the Die Hard or Police Academy sagas.

Ana Lu said...

Love the Owens card. Catchers cards in general