Wednesday, September 05, 2018

2018 Topps Archives Baseball Jumbo Hanger Pack

How big of a mistake do you have to make to have to push pack a hobby release of your product by two months over retail?  I can only imagine, but it is Topps we're talking about.  We'll have to see what they add to make it worth our wile.  Anyways I happen to be at a major retailer and noticed they had hanger packs of Archives so I picked one up.  18 cards lets see what I got.  Topps features the '59, 77, and 81 designs this year and my all time favorite player, Robin Yount, even gets a card.  Too bad they couldn't feature him on the 59 designs, especially since he had cards in both the 77 and 81 sets.  Spoiler I didn't pull Robin.  I did manage one Brewer for my team set.

Interestingly all the 59's were group together in the packs, as the same for the 77 and 81's.  But we'll mix it up.

Like most hanger packs you get a couple inserts.  I got this, not released so long ago Rookie History reprint of Bryce Harper.  I really wish Topps would have numbered this set maybe down by the bottom on the back by the reprint, so we know what card it was in the set.

And my other inserts was this Amed Rosario Coming Attractions.


Brett Alan said...

Wait. Hold on. What in the blue hell is going on on the cartoon for Yelich? He's running with a star, and it says "I'm going to put this away somewhere safe." WHAT? I suppose it has something to do with him making an All-Star team, but an old Topps cartoon would have explained what the actual accomplishment was. That's just so bizarre.

P-town Tom said...

Love Daniel Mengden's card... the pose and the 'stache!

Ana Lu said...

So many things going on!
I got Castellanos in my fantasy this year. Justin Upton always look so cute. Mengden..What is going on in your face!? Austin Hedges..I'm in love <3