Wednesday, October 24, 2018

1993-94 Upper Deck Hockey Series 2

Let's go back 15 years ago with this 12 card pack. Hey I even got it for a quarter. Series 2 take cards 311-575 with World Junior Championship subset. Notable names on WJC from series 2: Jamie Langenbrunner, Michael Peca, Todd Harvey, Jason Allison. Also have 1 card from SP insert set. Careful on opening as cards as some cards are stuck together especially WJC subset.
20 (SP) - Ted Drury - older brother of Chris played 8 seasons in the NHL. He spent remaining years of his career in German league.
505 - Arto Blomsten - played only 25 games in three seasons before returning to Swedish league
523 - Milos Holan - promising career cut short by leukemia. Able to beat it and return to play two seasons in Czech league.
369 - Valeri Zelepukin
374 - Larry Murphy - Hall of Famer in the pack. Currently studio analyst on NHL Network
318 - Patrice Brisebois - took up racing after his career ended. Currently in charge of Canadiens player development
552 - Jason McBain - WJC card as McBain played for Team USA. Spent almost all his career in the minors playing total of 9 games in the NHL.
561 - Deron Quint - played 9 seasons in the NHL before spending remaining decade of his career overseas in Germany and Russia. Last played in 2016-17 season.
473 - Daren Puppa  - warmup shot stretching the leg out. Interesting note he's the only player taken twice in expansion draft in the same year.
474 - Alexei Kasatonov
337 - Iain Fraser - played 94 games in five seasons of NHL before spending his career in Europe
360 - Ulf Dahlen - his shot getting blocked by Shawn Burr


Billy Kingsley said...

Some great photography in this set!

Fuji said...

Great stuff. Well worth a quarter.

SumoMenkoMan said...

Nice pack for 25 cents!

Bulldog said...

Worth it for sure. I've always thought Upper Deck has done a great job with their hockey cards. This is another good looking set though this is the first time seeing it. Good stuff.